Art is in Coffee


Hi there and welcome to Art Is In Coffee!

The goal of Art Is In Coffee is to provide a space where community members can plug into their local environment and find ways to interact and participate in the growth and transformation of our city, Oakland, CA.

The mobile coffee cart is used to empower people to come together through coffee and subsequently to stay to enjoy, connect, create and share. Specifically, through food, art, music and education we wish to facilitate the sharing of different cultures, ideas, and perspectives.

Our rotating mobile art gallery, constructed out of 100% reclaimed wood represents different points of view from a variety of cultural perspectives. Such perspectives, can be “cultural” in terms of ethnic diversity but also “cultural” in a sense that we represent different points of view that are emerging from our era.

Likewise, we hope to negotiate the reality of social imbalance and environmental degredation in the world through offering directly traded coffee that is grown in an ecologically mindful manner.

In essence, what we are trying to do is present coffee as a vehicle for social justice.

Please join us in morphing this world one coffee cup at a time!

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